I’m Ocea
A Wife, Mumma, Nonna, entrepreneur, writer and eternal optimist dedicated to helping you live, love and create a little more abundance every day.

I help people like you to dream big, define what living a successful life means for you, and to back it up with purposeful action to create results.

For such a long time I was, ‘in the wilderness.’ I wondered what’s my ‘thing.’ The one thing that I am meant to be, the one thing I am to do with my life. I honestly believed that I needed to choose to be one thing to be happy and successful. It turns out; I didn’t need to be one thing at all. My unusual combination of interests and skills is the platform that creates my life. I am proud to live, by my definition, a successful life.

I’m here to serve. My foundations are love, process, commitment, and tenacity. With the understanding, greatness takes time. I am in this to make a difference. The free content, paid online programs and anything else I offer is to add value to help you build a life that is unique and tailored to you.

Wherever you are in your life right now, I am here to help you tap into your inner wisdom and your creative potential.

I run a business, and I sell things. I am proud and grateful that I can earn a living by helping people and doing what I love. However, the majority of my creative work is free of charge for you to access.

I make mistakes, don’t have all the answers and like the rest of humanity I have crazy days where I experience fear and self-doubt.

I keep it real, transparent and authentic. Sometimes things can get a little zany. I share what I am living and what I am learning as I go. I hope with you reading this it is just the beginning of our relationship. I would like to learn more about you, and the best way to share and connect is to become one of the Ocea Marie crew. Just enter your name and email.

Thank you for visiting. I am excited we have connected, and I look forward to the journey ahead.


Ocea Marie