If your question is not answered in the FAQ’S below, please email


Will Ocea speak at my event?

It is essential for me to understand more about you and more about your event. Email all the details including Contact Full Name, Event website/company website, the nature of the event, the location of the event, proposed date of the event, the duration of the talk and Q’s & A’s after the talk, how many attendees, the proposed budget/fee including flights, accommodation and airport transfers. Also, will there be an opportunity to sell books/other products at the event? Let me know why you believe I will be a good fit for your event and anything else I should know.

Can I interview Ocea for my website/podcast?

I would love to hear from you! Email your name, city, interview date, interview topic and other details about you I should know.

Where do I send Ocea the invitation to my event?

Email all the exciting details.

Where do I send Ocea my product or gift?

I appreciate everything that you send to me, but cannot guarantee I will have the opportunity to share it with my tribe. Email with your product description and ingredient list and I will get back to you.

Can Ocea be an Ambassador for my product/program/brand?

I enjoy aligning myself with products, programs and brands that I believe I can add value to. Email your ambassador proposal to Include as much information about the partnership as possible, your expectations, budget, intended length of partnership and details on how amazing it will be for both of Us.

Will Ocea Collaborate with me?

Email with the details, including your expectations, intended length of the partnership, the budget and how it will be beneficial for both parties.