‘Love Your Guts
They say that the gut is a second brain, so why are we filling it with so much rubbish?

In a ‘Love Your Guts’ experience we chat all things Gut Health and begin to understand the importance of caring for your gut and how with the right simple lifestyle choices you can increase your productivity, achieve better mental health & and an overall increase wellbeing to live your best life.

‘Skin Fitness’
Whoever said beauty is only skin deep… Lied!

At a ‘Skin Fitness’ Workshop the tips are tailored & easy go-to recipes that nourish your skin from the inside out are shared. You will also begin to understand the importance of diet, nutrition, vitamins & more for your skin and discover the true secrets to achieving that radiant, healthy youthful glow for yourself.

Holistic Weigh Management
Sick of fad diets, starving yourself and still seeing no significant changes on the scales? No more!

Shedding light on little known & discussed factors affecting your weight loss journey. Looking at hormones, guy health & your relationship with food, together we’ll develop a plan to not only begin achieving your body goals but feel good about doing it!  

If you would like to hold your own 90 minute Health Coach in My Home Experience with yourself and 6 adult friends, complete the form below.